A Glimpse at St. Croix’s

On St. Croix we have a transient population with people coming from all directions. We have been very fortunate at ib designs to have Alston “Mashup” Lake working with us since 1999, and he is an amazing jeweler and an important member of the ib family. Time sure does fly when you’re having FUN and we are blessed to have such a committed  player on our team! Alston  has a wonderful sense of humor and can always bring a smile to those he meets. We want you to get to know Alston so you can see the hands and spirit that help make our beautiful handcrafted feel good jewelry.

Alston Lake

A little bit on Alston “Mashup” Lake and some of his thoughts.

DOB:  11-28-82          SIGN:  Sagitarius

Favorite place he has been:  Dominica

Places he would like to visit:  Brazil, Jamaica, and Spain

Favorite artists:  Gentleman, Ray Gucci Mane, and Machel Montano

Hobbies:  Basketball, softball, volleyball, and fixing cars

What is your favorite part about working at ib designs?  ”Just getting the opportunity to make such great jewelry. It is a blessing and I am thankful for every sec and every minute  Being around great co-workers and staff. Whealan and Kris believe in me and give me a chance to create meaningful work. My experience has been amazing!”

Which piece do you like to make the most and why?  ”I  would say the piece I  like to make the most is the Umoja Bracelet. It is a simple yet elegant design and takes just bit of time to create. Easy as 123.”

Which metal do you like to work with most?  ”Roundwire is the most consistant building block of many of our designs. It is fun to work with and is handcrafted into many unique designs.”

Glad you got to know a bit more about one of our star ib designs members! Hope you can meet him one day.