Do you know that…Your jewelry need-to-know’s

We would like to share with you a few things that will make your jewelry journey even easier.  Below is a list of our top five need-to-know tidbit’s!

1.) Do you ever wonder where that missing sock winds up? Have a rough night or hectic day and realize you are mysteriously missing one earring? Your heart sinks when you realize they are lost forever in the land where missing socks find their refuge. Rest easy, we will match your missing ib earrings for you! Bring your solo earring in with you and we will pair!  

2.) In the morning, do you rummage through your jewelry box looking for a nearly invisible earring back? When you find the back, it’s mismatching, but you’re in a rush so you pop it on and go. Now you have too many mismatching earring backs to count. Be calm, we sell Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold earring backs in small and large sizes! We also sell rubber stoppers so when you have that chaotic day, you can be preventative and secure your dangle earrings from wandering off your ears. 

3.) Hot date and need to clean your jewelry? OR too much fun last night and wake up to a broken bracelet? Stop in and we can pop your jewelry in our ultrasonic or repair for free! We will also polish and make your ib jewelry look brand new for a small fee. 

4.) Just got paid and it’s FRIDAY?! Sashay your way to ib! We have layaway! Where better to spend you hard earned dough than to place the pair of earrings you’ve been eyeing on lay


5.) Does your partner need help in the gift giving department? Direct them to ib for your “I’ve been a good girl” wish list! We are able to electronically save your must-have favorites. Check out or website to view our collections.