Fabulous Gold Filled Bling

Classic Twists

Oh the joys of alternative metals! Whealan has been playing with gold filled metal for about six months and is thrilled to have reintroduced his Classic Twist Hoops in yellow and rose gold filled. They will soon be available in sterling silver. We are also offering our Circle of Life Hoops in alternative metals . Our bold 3″  Classic Hoops are perfect for getting your good times on! Great for the holiday season and for making for presents  🙂


Gold filled jewelry is created by bonding gold over a base metal such as brass, rhodium, copper or sterling silver. To be called gold filled, the gold content must be at least 1/20th the weight of the total piece.


Your gold filled jewelry is cared for in the same way as your other ib designs pieces. Chlorine and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents should be avoided. When you aren’t wearing your pieces, you can store them in an air tight plastic bag.

If the levels of copper and silver are higher than the level of gold, there are chances that your gold filled jewelry may tarnish. This is largely because of the chemical reactions that occur when these filler metals come in excessive contact with pollution, perspiration, chlorine, and other such chemicals.

You can clean your gold filled jewelry the same as your other ib designs pieces.