It’s A Family Affair

ib designs is blessed to have a wonderful group of happy folks working together and having fun doing what they LOVE….making FEEL GOOD Jewelry!  Four years ago we were thrilled when our son Abbie chose to join the family business and explore the world of jewelry making and design. Like is father, Abbie has proven to have a keen eye for the art of jewelry crafting and is also a talented steel pan musician. He carries a quiet calm and has a heart of gold! It is a proud moment for us to see the next generation from the Massicott crew grasping hold of the future. It looks BRIGHT!


This is Johnathan “Abbie” Leung Massicott  .

DOB:  August 23, 1990          SIGN: Virgo

Favorite place he has been:  Dominica

Place he would like to visit:  Europe

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite artists:  ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Future, Bob Marley

Hobbies:  Lifting weights, steel pan, basketball

What is your favorite part about working at ib designs?  ”The vibe that we have at work is my favorite part.  ib designs feels like a big family. We are aways learning new things and teaching each other. A bad day can always get better at ib with a joke, which is the one thing that’s done more than working on jewelry  ! There is no better place I could see myself working.”

Which is your favorite piece of jewelry to make and why?  ”I like making the Trinity Necklace. The Trinity was one of the first pieces I can say I helped to create.”

Which metal do you like to work with most?  ”I like working with silver because I get to use it a lot and can play with it to design new ideas. We use silver to make the majority of our pieces before they are created in gold. I love to help create new designs.”