Saving St. Croix Reefs

The beauty of St. Croix and its surrounding pristine Caribbean blue seas are what draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to our shores. Those who live here are well aware of the delicate balance needed to honor and preserve our natural wonders on St. Croix. Our underwater infrastructure is affected by global climate change, over-fishing and harmful practices, and direct and indirect sources of pollution. How do we work together to help protect our home?

Last April we teamed up with the local Nature Conservancy chapter and our friend Kemit Amon-Lewis to help support restoring the fragile elk horn coral that protect our shores and are haven and food for our underwater friends icon smile Saving St. Croix Reefs The Nature Conservancy is working towards the recovery of elk horn (and stag horn) corals in the US Virgin Islands by growing and multiplying rescued corals in underwater nurseries and then using nursery-grown corals to restore degraded reefs. Amazing people doing amazing works!

A few of the most beautiful spots to explore the underworld and enjoy the arms of the Caribbean sea.
1) The Buccaneer Beach
2) Jack and Isaac’s Bay
3) Cane Bay Beach and the “famous wall”
4) East End Marine Park
5) The reef at Teague Bay

Please join us in celebrating and preserving our treasures so that all that walk behind us may enjoy the gifts of St. Croix.

Wear a special piece created by ib designs and find joy knowing you are contributing to “GROWTH.”