Our son Kenan graduates from The Good Hope Country Day School

Good Hope Country Day School GraduationWhen we opened our store in October 1999, our son Kenan Massicott was just 3 years old. My how the time flies when you are having fun!!! This past weekend we watched Kenan receive his high school diploma with the first graduating class of The Good Hope Country Day School.  While things in our lives have changed dramatically…all for the better…they still feel strangely the same at some moments. We still hold what is most important close to us, and we remind ourselves of what is truly fulfilling in life. We celebrate  having family and friends around us and sharing in the simple joys of life.

Through the years, Whealan and I have juggled being self employed and being present, engaged, and loving parents. We couldn’t have been more blessed to have four wonderful children. Nigel, Amy, Abbie, and Kenan are gifts that we were charged to care and nurture. We did our best at a job there certainly isn’t any manual for. Thankfully their strong characters have led the way and they each have unique gifts to offer the world. Thanks kids!!!

As we embark on this next chapter, I find people are often asking me what I am going to do with an empty nest. To tell you the truth I am not 100% sure of the answer, but for right now I think we will fill it with new memories, celebrate the old, and cherish the whole experience. As they say…enjoy the ride!!!