Strength In Every Step

strength ring

The island of St. Croix is most resilient and inhabited by strong and spirited people. Each day we are faced with a multitude of challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. How we see these events greatly determines the outcome we experience. In a time when St. Croix is feeling the affects of change, there are special people taking  incredible action. These people have chosen to see the opportunity to promote the positive and find joy in the GEM we call St. Croix. Matt Ridgway and Savannah Holden of St. Croix Movies at The Fort and the National Park Service have teamed together to deliver a family, fun-filled evening in our historic Christiansted park . A time to enjoy our community spirit and have some good ole fashion  fun.  Another dedicated St. Croix community member is Sue Diverio of Project Link and the St. Croix Women’s Coalition. Project Link is an accredited high school completion program providing adults and high school dropouts with the opportunity to complete the curriculum to earn high school diplomas and develop life skills to aid in the pursuit of higher education or better employment. It is inspiring and encouraging to see people continuing to find strength each day to uplift those around them and in turn leading richer lives. BRAVO!