Summer Hot Picks & Must Have

Summer Hot Picks and Must Haves

bling into summer…

With the longest day of the year behind us, we are ready to shift into our St. Croix summer rhythm. We love this time of year! The Caribbean Sea warms up and the trade winds blow gently across the island.

Summer on St. Croix is a hidden gem in itself. Contrary to common belief, we never reach the extreme temperatures felt in many stateside locations. St. Croix rarely ever exceeds 91 degrees. Our lush landscapes – from the East to the West – flourish under the warm summer rains.

The island is quieter, yet most businesses are open, events are planned and there’s still plenty of fun to be had — just to name a few summer happenings:

Emancipation Festival Donkey Races on June 30 at Paul Joseph Field 1 p.m. in Frederiksted. This event is hosted by Gentlemen of Jones and we aren’t sure if there is anything more hilarious to watch. Amateur and seasoned Donkey jockeys fly this way and that off the backs of the donkeys. The PA system crackles with grade-school level, donkey-inspired jokes. Most attendees leave with one complaint – sore abs from the abundance of belly laughs.

Christiansted Summer Jump-Up on July 5 with our beloved Mocko Jumbies, street vendors, fabulous food and a wonderful festival atmosphere.

Mango Melee on July 8 at the St. George Botanical Gardens. Mango EVERYTHING + amazing hand-crafted artistry of all types.

Jazz in the Park on on several Summer Fridays at the Christiansted Fort.

Check out a full schedule on’s calendar of events.

At ib designs we celebrate summer’s perfect place in the circle of life and invite you to join us in sharing our gratitude for the blessings we all receive year-round.

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