Thanks Kenny Chesney

October 2013 ib email main image ib designs Thanks Kenny Chesney

Before there was an ib designs studio on St. Croix’s quaint Company Street, Whealan Massicott connected with Caravan Gallery and crafted a special St. John hook bracelet for the Mongoose Junction store to sell exclusively.

Since the collaboration began in 1996, the “J” Hook Bracelet has flashed more and more often from the wrists of the stylish worldwide. The Country music scene sightings of the “J” Hook are on the rise as well ever since one of St. John’s most famous fans, Kenny Chesney bought the bracelet from Caravan Gallery. ib designs Thanks Kenny Chesney

Whealan’s creation rubbed elbows with national brands Zing Zang and Red Bull in the global press when People Magazine reported that the “J” Hook is one of Kenny Chesney’s favorite things!

It has been said that Kenny shares a little of St. John with his friends by presenting them with the “J” Hook as gifts. Very cool.

Needless to say, ib designs is thrilled to see their hand-crafted, Caribbean treasure spreading good vibes far and wide. The whole story is made more special because a fellow artist appreciates both Whealan’s work and the Virgin Islands. ib designs Thanks Kenny Chesney

ib designs does not sell these unique pieces in their store, but encourages everyone to visit Caravan Gallery online or even better in their fabulous St. John store.

So, thanks to Kenny Chesney for keeping the “J” Hook Caribbean Bracelet close as you spread your feel good music across the globe. And, by the way, thanks for donating a portion of your proceeds from “Life On A Rock” to the Friends of the U.S. Virgin Islands National Parks organization.

Kenny explained the donation on his website earlier this year:

“As the world becomes more developed, protecting these wild places is going to become harder – and the cost of maintaining them needs to be covered,” Chesney explains. “It’s easy to forget, or not understand when it’s a line item on a piece of paper, just one more expense. But if you’ve ever seen the trees, the oceans from a ridge, the way it all tangles together, you realize how important making sure lands like this exist for the people who come after us is… 

“For me, Life On A Rock comes from this place, so I want to give something back, so it’s there for others. Let them find the peace and the awe that I did for so many years. And I like that the music can be connected with protecting something so important.”

Want more Kenny? Want more celebrity “J” Hook sightings? Check out Kenny sporting the “J” Hook in this video for “When I See This Bar.”