What is Chaney?

st. croix chaney

Chaney is unique pieces of china (circa 1750-1900) found on the beaches and grounds of old sugar plantations on St. Croix. Historically, when local children found them, they would round them out by pounding them against stones and use them as play money in games. The name Chaney is evolved from the words china and money. Children also used the pieces in hopscotch, which they called pudding. Often found after hurricanes, heavy rains or a stroll on our beautiful beaches, the artisan then hand crafts these pieces into jewelry reminiscent of the culture and history of the Caribbean islands.

Most of our chaney comes from downtown Christiansted, St. Croix. There are a handful of young entrepreneurs that bring it to us almost daily. The most common color found is blue, but every color of the rainbow has been discovered.

We love to custom make chaney jewelry from pieces found by you. Bring in your special piece and we would be happy to create a one of a kind treasure. You can also check out your one of a kind Chaney Collection here.