A Mother’s Day Meaning

A Mother's Day Meaning

How do we best show our love for the mothers in our lives? Most Moms we know might suggest they should receive a practical gift. Something that benefits the whole family. Like so many moms, she isn’t thinking of herself. She is thinking of those she loves and nurtures so well.

Well, we recommend you surprise her with something completely her own. Something completely personalized to her way of being in this world. And, no gift comes closer to representing someone’s personality than handcrafted jewelry.

A handcrafted piece with meaning and a story speaks both to her and to the world, demonstrating how much she is loved and cherished. And, a handcrafted piece of jewelry sends a message that you invested your time, effort, money and your heart into it. Now I’m sure the next question in your mind is, what type of jewelry to give her? Here are a few options to choose from, though we have many more on your website and in our store.

1. Lavi

Love the Life you live. Embrace it, cherish it, and share it joyfully with those you love. That’s how we describe our Lavi collection. If you want to give her a message of pure love, then this is the best one to get.

2. Strength
This bold and feminine Adinkra symbol for strength perfectly reminds her of who she is – a symbol of strength to you and the ones who love her. If you have a mother who’s strong willed or have gone through many challenges in life, then this one is for her.

3. Wawa Aba Collection

Not all mothers are the affectionate type. Some are more strict and determined in their nurturing. Others do not let their emotions show. The seed of the wawa tree is solid and strong. In Akan culture, it is a symbol of someone who is strong and tough. It inspires the individual to persevere through hardship. If she fits the bill, this one fits well.

4. Virtues
Some mothers are the adviser type. They give you words of encouragement and wisdom as you go through the different stages of life. For the compassionate and supportive mothers, our Virtues collection is the best for them.

 Found the perfect one for her? Order online here for all our handcrafted jewelries to be sent out this Mother’s Day!

Whatever you decide on giving, what’s important is that you show her how much you value her in your life in this special day dedicated to her. Look Good, Feel Good. Happy Mother’s Day to all!