St John “J” Hook Bracelet

ib designs St. John

Did you know that Whealan first created the St. John “J” Hook Bracelet in   1996. This was three years before we opened the doors of our small studio on Company Street in downtown Christiansted, St. Croix. We created this unique “J”  Hook Bracelet exclusively for our friends at Caravan Gallery located in Mongoose Junction, St. John. It quickly became the most popular hook  on the island of St. John. St John Hook Bracelets are all over the Virgin Islands – on locals, visitors and celebrities alike. Kenny Chesney, country music sensation and island regular got a St. John Hook Bracelet from Caravan Gallery as a gift from dear friends years ago, and like most locals, he seldom takes it off. And now you can see them on his band members and fans as well.

While we do not sell this hook bracelet on our site or in our store, Caravan Gallery has a wonderful website and would be delighted to “hook” you! Caribbean bracelets are a wonderful reminder of all that is good in our island homes. ib designs handcrafted jewelry makes you feel good while doing just that icon smile ib designs St. John J Hook Bracelet Wear well.