The Genesis Link – New Beginnings

As we embark on a new year, we are slowly emerging from the fog that had been 2020. Like the mist rising on a spring morning, we stand facing the rising sun on a new day. We know where we came from and look toward new creative beginnings, small things. Small steps on the pathway to a brighter canvas and growth…genesis.

With growth at the forefront of our minds, we felt empowered to name our new link the Genesis Design. Genesis in Greek translation means “origin”. We assimilate origin with new beginnings and growth. The Genesis Design encapsulates this powerful meaning.  Inspired by the twist and curves of the traditional West Indian Bangle, our jeweler and Whealan’s son, Abbie Massicott, infused the root like twists of the West Indian Bangle into the Genesis Link. Roots ground us and remind us where we came from, but they also give birth to growth. The small twisted links soldered and joined together contribute as a stepping stone to creating the bigger picture, The Genesis Link. Life is a series of small steps and turns that when linked, lead us towards discovery. Growth doesn’t happen overnight. Growth happens when we focus on the small steps that lead us to our discovery. Then we find alignment and clarity.

The Genesis Design embodies cultivation and growth. May we emerge on each new day ready to embrace new energy, grand turning points, alignment, clarity and love. Each new day is a beginning. It’s your time!